Parish School of Religion
Our Mission
Our Mission of the St. Sabina Parish School of Religion (PSR) is to teach as Jesus did, reaching out to all in a spirit of justice and love. The PSR is a faith community that seeks to understand the message of Jesus and live as a community of faith, called to worship with and serve each other and the world, being the light of Christ to all people and calling them to a life of discipleship with Jesus.
Our Philosophy

The purpose of the St. Sabina Parish School of Religion is to spread the Gospel message and to reach out in service to others. The power of the Holy Spirit infuses all that we do in the classroom, the parish and the community as a whole. The PSR commits itself to helping everyone reach their maximum potential and to grow in their love of God and others. The values taught and internalize in the PSR will allow students, parents, and catechists to grow in holiness and live their call to "go therefore, and make disciples of all nations." (Mt. 28:19)

The teaching of the Gospel message will be done in a way that is completely consistent with the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. The Parish School of Religion unquestionably supports the Magisterium of the Church and will orient all of its programs toward the support of this teaching authority. The PSR community called to be a sign of contradiction in the world and will never comprise Church teaching in support of secular agendas or popular opinion. Support of the church teaching will always be done with patience and in a nonjudgmental manner, supporting the rights of the individual to act according to their informed conscience. At the same time doing all that we can to help students, parents, and catechists to realize the truth as revealed by God our Father through Christ and support throughout the centuries by the Church.

Please call the rectory at 314-837-1365 if you need to set up a time to register or if you have any questions.
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